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Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Design for Manufacturing–DFM

Badge Machine Products provides DFM (design for manufacturing) services. We assist our customers with improved designs for more efficient manufacturing costs.

Ensuring Manufacturability, Simplicity of Assembly and Cost Savings

The manufacture of each new product can likely be enhanced and streamlined through the principles of Design for Manufacturing or DFM. At Badge, we can assist you in investigating, discovering and understanding the cost drivers and unit costs and components of manufacturing to drive down costs and increase efficiency.

We have the ability to predict precise process capability (Cpk) values well before any chips are made. This helps us suggest precise tolerances to create a Six Sigma process based on best practices. We can anticipate and pinpoint potential problems and make necessary adjustments to:

  • Further minimize any costs related to quality
  • Improve throughput
  • Provide a better, more robust product to customers

We utilize Solidworks 2008 CAD software as well as Unigraphics NX2 software and CAD system allowing us to view, manipulate and print native Unigraphics part, assembly and drawing files from customers and import other CAD files into Unigraphics. This allows us to deliver highly accurate quotes more quickly - along with all the advantages of DFM.

At this point, we can analyze the design, engineering and manufacturing process, targeted at:

  • Process selection
  • Reducing the number of process stages
  • Designing for the process

We do this by considering:

  • Product scope, intent and complexity
  • Time to market
  • Pricing and costs
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing tools
  • Critical performance criteria (conductivity, strength, friction, thermal properties and others)
  • Tolerancing requirements
  • Component complexity requirements
  • Set up and tooling costs -considering fixed and variable costs
  • Production volume
  • Expertise and capability

The results?

  • A clear understanding of the drivers and contributors to unit cost
  • Linking of your requirements to quality criteria, such as robustness, serviceability, reliability and environmental impact
  • Minimization of total component count
  • Optimization of included components

Finally, there's implementation within our facility to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary process stages, through a combination of alternative strategiesluding -
    • Minimization of components
    • Elimination of finishing processes
    • Reduction in the number of process stages
    • Combining processes
    • Single direction processing or machining to reduce set-up requirements

Bottom line–reduced overall manufacturing costs, greater efficiency, and exceptional product quality


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