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Badge Machine is FDA Registered, Certified to ISO 9001:2000, and Member of Women's Business Enterprise
Zeiss CMM with VAST Gold head.

Precision Inspection

Continuous Improvement, World-Class Precision

As noted in our Recognition & Standards section, Badge is driven by our need to satisfy customer demands as an accredited supplier to global companies including Kodak and Johnson & Johnson. This requires less than 300 DPPM and over 98% on-time delivery.

A Dedication to All Facets of Precision Inspection

Meeting specifications is not enough at Badge Machine Products. Our inspection process includes final dimensional accuracy, plus aesthetics, packaging and delivery criteria.

  • Ongoing, regular calibration of all gaging traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.)

  • Inspection system is compliant to MIL-I-45208A Inspection System Requirements
  • Quality management systems compliant to ISO 9001
  • QC Calc software utilized for fully automated, powerful data collection and analysis tool

Zeiss CMM Inspection Accurate to .000008 of an inch

Badge is one of few companies in our region with a Zeiss Prismo 7/9/5 HTG CMM with VAST GOLD scanning probe head. This thermally stable, shop hardened, and extremely efficient coordinate measuring machine gives us a working volume of 10.4 cubic feet, a capacity of 2640 lbs., and accuracy to .000008 (8 millionths) of an inch!  - View a complete list of our equipment -

  • Patented Zeiss' VAST scanning technology allows us to measure form accurately, with high speed and repeatability
  • Unique, patented active scanning feature actively follows work piece deviations, unlike any other scanning technology
  • Only active scanning technology measures form elements (e.g. roundness, straightness) with high speed and repeatability.
  • Continuous contact scanning measures up to 200 points per second
  • Actual surface contours are truly measured - not projected derivations based on mathematical formulas that can introduce uncertainty and errors - VAST scanning eliminates this issue completely
  • Reduces part verification times by as much as 90%
  • Provides better, more meaningful and accurate part measurements

Calypso Software Aids in Lean Product Development

Reverse engineering and DFM capabilities from our Zeiss Prismo CMM:

  • Parts automatically drawn on screen during measurement
  • CMM measurement capabilities assist in DFM through extensive measuring capabilities
  • Our software can read or translate most CAD files, allowing measurement programs to be created prior to chips being cut; ideal for existing products
  • Streamlines entire process and initial run time
  • Provides shorter lead times with more capability than most companies
  • Programming times reduced by up to 75% and program run times reduced - on average - by 15-65% with VAST Navigator

Optical Gaging Product's Smartscope Flash Vision System

Our newest equipment addition to our quality lab rounds out our inspection capabilities, giving us the optical, non-contact component to our measuring abilities.  This high performance video measuring system gives us the speed to accurately measure detailed parts, making us more productive while guaranteeing the type of quality our customers have come to expect.  Parts as long as 2 feet can be measured to within .00022 of an inch accuracy and typically in a tenth of the time needed as compared to more traditional, contact methods of inspection.  Equipped with a 12x AccuCentric lens allows us to zoom, measure, and photograph crisp clear images.  Utilizing the MeasureMind 3D multisensor software allows us to build the model geometry during the measurement process.

Lean Manufacturing

To maintain and grow our edge, we have adopted a philosophy of continuous improvement, embracing Lean Manufacturing, a system to reduce waste and costs, throughout our organization. Our Lean-facility advantages can get your product to market under budget restrictions and within tight development schedules. On a personal level, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality, never sacrificing quality or service for convenience, and not just meeting customer expectations, but creating customer delight.

We strive for Six Sigma quality and devote extensive resources to ongoing employee training. Total Quality Management is a cornerstone of our continual growth and success.

precision inspection

Quality Assurance

Meeting specifications is not enough at Badge Machine Products. The inspection process not only includes final dimensional accuracy but aesthetics, packaging and delivery criteria are all part of the inspection process as well. We maintain all company and employee owned gauging as well as any customer gauging in our calibration system with calibrations performed at regular intervals. Badge Machine Products' inspection system is compliant to meet MIL-I-45208A INSPECTION SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS and our quality management system is compliant to ISO 9001:2008.

Quality Standards

In terms of meeting and exceeding industry standards:

  • Compliant to ISO 9001:2008
  • MIL-STD-45208A compliant since 1999


Badge Machine, Inc. shop located in Canandaigua, NY

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