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Proven Performance

"I have been working in the inspection/calibration field for over 26 years – training, installing, and servicing inspection equipment throughout the entire United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe.  Your facility is not only unique in the inspection area, it is by far the best inspection lab I have ever seen.  It ascends to the top of the list!  Superior, blue-ribbon, A+++!"

Kevin S. Schul
CMM calibration technician
Touchstone Laser Calibration

"Your response to our opportunity was timely and complete. Your quality manual, corrective action and job router process and documentation are excellent, as are your QC inspection capabilities. And the orderliness and cleanliness of your facility is exceptional."

Aerospace industry client

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the components that your company manufactured for me. The quality and consistency is excellent. It is such a relief to finally find a shop that can not only deliver a quality product at a reasonable price, but also deliver it on time. This has been a rarity for me in the eight years that I have been in business and my dealings with many machine shops all over the state. It's nice to see that there are still some companies out there that take pride in their work and that are truly committed to their customers with a level of professionalism that is rarely seen these days. Great job! Please extend my appreciation to everyone that had a hand in the production of my parts. I hope that this is just the beginning of a long successful relationship between our companies.

Rodney C. Marsden

Kathy Flugel of Badge Machine contacted me and asked if I could provide an endorsement for their company to you as we are again looking to decrease our supplier base.  If I had known that they were being looked at I would have sent this without her request.

Over the last five years of working on various projects I have had many opportunities to have different parts made through different processes and suppliers.  Badge Machine has been by far the most productive, cost and time wise effective, and highest quality of any of these suppliers.  Kathy Flugel and Grant Oberdorf have bent over backwards to get us quality parts in as little time as possible.  They have spent quite a bit of time correcting the mistakes or shortcomings of other suppliers.  Case in point - we were receiving sintered steel gears from another supplier which were not to specification but we needed the parts for production immediately.  Badge Machine took the parts, developed a process to correct and assemble the parts, and then delivered the parts to the production line piecemeal to keep us running.  This was not an isolated incident but seemed to be a weekly occurrence somewhere on the production line!
Not many other suppliers would go through the headaches that we have given Badge Machine.  They have been a truly top-notch supplier for me since I first started working with them.  I feel that losing their support would do damage to current production as well as affect future efforts.  I highly recommend Badge Machine as a company that I would be proud to do business with.

Scott S.,
Manufacturing Engineer

It has come to my attention in recent weeks that … is reevaluating its supplier base.  This is not uncommon because today's business world requires it.  It demands innovations, greater quality and yet all of this must be accomplished with a decrease or with no increase in cost.  It is because of these demands, that the supplier base must always be reevaluated.
In my experience with Badge Machine, they have always been a key supplier for office imaging. History will show that their work is of the highest quality and a fair price.  On time delivery performance is always important.  Badge Machine's performance in this area is unsurpassed.  From a technical standpoint, I suggest you check with your engineering community.  They can provide many examples of Badge Machine's value to … office imaging.  On countless occasions, Badge has provided key technical support on a component level and has helped guide various products to its fruition.  On occasion, Badge has also been asked to do some assembly work which has also been very advantageous to office imaging.
In conclusion, it seems clear that Badge should continue to be a key business partner for the … Company.  The technical skills they provide and their abilities to cut cost are invaluable asset in today's business world.

David N.
Buyer Inc.

Letter of Recommendation for Badge Machine to Current and Future Customers

Badge Machine Products is a supplier that focuses on Total Quality Management.  Their commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and procuring and manufacturing with state-ofญ-the-art equipment for rotational and prismatic machining separates them from their competitors.

In order to strive for customer satisfaction, their detailed quality manual on how to operate their daily business demonstrates their passion and commitment to providing customers with on-time quality products.  This has been proved in many lines of businesses at … Company.  Furthermore, Badge Machine empowers their work force to make objective and impartial decisions based on evidence at hand. (i.e. the tools used to assist operators in observing and resolving product variance consists of Statistical Process Control data collection and control charting).  With this advantage, they display a capable business that other suppliers can simply learn from example.

Badge Machine Products oversees their suppliers to monitor their quality and delivery performance.  Maintaining report cards on their preferred suppliers enables them to review accomplishments and opportunities that results in a successful partnership.  This is the essence to provide products that meet end customer requirements (i.e. quality, cost, and delivery).

Due to their invariable commitment to customer satisfaction, Badge Machine Products refines their rotational and prismatic business by obtaining state-of-the-art equipment to enhance their capabilities.  Super precision CNC Hardinge lathes, CNC 3 & 4 axis Bridgeport vertical mills, and automatic shaft straighteners are just a few pieces of equipment that make Badge a qualified and efficient supplier of rotational parts.

Finally, exchange of communications with all staff and employees of Badge Machine is always a pleasure.  They demonstrate professionalism and integrity, and are unassuming and personable. Their complimentary characteristics can only enhance their reputation and will attract future customers to the business.
As a customer myself, I believe Badge Machine is an exceptional rotational and prismatic machining supplier.  Their commitment to quality, their commitment to on-time delivery, and their commitment to each other illustrates a robust company.

Karin G.
Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer

Recognition & Standards

Badge was awarded the Eastman Kodak's "Diverse Supplier of the Year" for 2004.

This is only the second year that Kodak has given out Supplier of the year awards. The criteria involved are Productivity, Quality, Delivery and Overall Customer satisfaction. Kodak has minimized its vendor base to 1200 suppliers worldwide and presented only 11 awards to date.

At Badge, we live world-class quality every day. It's not just a philosophy or a talking point, it truly is a way of work life for every employee. As testament to this real-world quality implementation, we have received recognition, awards and certification.

Meeting and Exceeding Demanding Requirements for Eastman Kodak Company

We're proud to announce our selection as Diverse Supplier of the Year/2004 for Eastman Kodak Company. We were awarded this singular certification over hundreds of other companies. Presented by Kodak's worldwide purchasing group, this honor sets us apart from thousands of competing firms.

Eastman Kodak demands superior performanceluding less than 300 DPPM and over 98% on-time delivery. Our ongoing work with Kodak - especially in x-ray cassette manufacture assembly - demonstrates our ability to meet and exceed these requirements.

We're very proud of our continuing selection as one of only 17 certified suppliers to Eastman Kodak Company. We're now in our second year as a certified supplier for Kodak and they've recognized our results -

  • Certified supplier award
  • Eight Kodak silver medals for overall supplier performance to multiple business units
  • Kodak Gold award for overall supplier performance
  • When Kodak received their "Medical Design Excellence Award," Badge was invited to the ceremony in New York as a valued partner in the manufacturing process
  • Annual invitation/participation at Kodak's annual Breakthrough conference for suppliers

Competing With (and Outdoing) Offshore Vendors

A corporate client asked us to help design a program for a medical industry product. We did, then bid on the job against suppliers in Asia. Despite significant wage differentials, we amazed the purchasing and engineering personnel at the client by beating offshore pricing.

The contract still went to the Asian vendor, as products would be distributed primarily in the Asia/Pacific region. However, we now repair and "fix" the offshore vendors work when this product is shipped to the U.S.

Bottom line: We can compete and beat offshore vendors, and deliver superior quality and a local presence. If you have an issue or want to consult with us, our knowledgeable engineering, scheduling and sales people are here to meet with you in person or on the phone whenever you wish.

Badge Machine, Inc. shop located in Canandaigua, NY

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